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Harry Dawson is an ISA Certified Arborist. Since 1986, he has developed the knowledge and experience to know what’s right for your trees. He and his staff appreciate that trees enhance and add value to our homes or business, and they need to be properly maintained in order to be beneficial for years to come. In general, trees do not need frequent and aggressive pruning or topping. However, steps can be taken to help the overall health of your trees. We most often recommend removing any diseased or deadwood from trees, thinning, elevation of lower limbs, and weight reduction to strengthen limbs. These steps will benefit the health and the structure of your trees and can eliminate more serious problems later on as the age of the tree.

The professionals at Dawson Tree Service can also help identify certain factors that may increase the likelihood of a tree’s failure, such as conks, cavities, included bark, co-dominated trunks, insects, and many other problems that may be present. Obviously, any trees that pose a liability or threat should be removed. Other times, trees may need to be removed to allow space, nutrients, etc. to preserve healthy specimen trees nearby.

Certain conditions such as weather patterns, drought, grade changes, trenching, construction, etc. may affect trees differently. Certain species, as well as the age of a tree, may determine how that  tree reacts to change. Trees under stress such as these are more susceptible to invasion of diseases and insects similar to how our own body reacts when our immune system breaks down. We work to help trees thrive today, and also for generations to come.

We will be happy to come out to your home or business and evaluate and consult with you in order to create the right plan and create a tree service estimate.

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