Dawson Tree Service Is Experienced In Thinning Over Grown Areas

From removing trees to cleaning out overgrown areas around your property, Dawson Tree Service will take care of you!

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Tree Removal & Maintenace Services - Serving Winston-Salem

  • Emergency Storm Damage: If a tree falls on your home or in your yard as a result of wind, rain or ice, look to us to safely remove it. Remember, if a tree comes down through power lines, stay as far away from the downed lines as possible to avoid electrocution.
  • Tree Risk Assessment: Awkward bends in trunks, large diseased branches, cracks…any number of issues may cause a tree to fall and cause incredible amounts of damage to your home, as well as cause bodily injury or worse to occupants. Don’t guess…Look to Dawson Tree Service for an honest opinion about tree threats.
  • Selective Tree Trimming & Tree Pruning: Done correctly, tree trimming and pruning can ensure their good health for years to come.
  • Hazardous Tree Removal: Dead or diseased trees can fall without notice. If you think a tree in your yard is a threat to people or property, it probably is. Look to us to remove it safely and affordably.
  • Stump Grinding: Stump removal is just one of the many services we offer that will help your yard look its best after a tree is removed.
  • Bucket Truck & Crane Services: Click here to see a video of how our crane services help us safely to remove large trees from even the tightest spaces.
  • Crown Cleaning & Thinning: Crown Thinning involves the selective removal of some inner and outer branches evenly throughout the tree’s crown. This is an effective method of allowing light to travel through the crown and allows air/wind to travel throughout the canopy rather than against it without altering the tree’s natural shape. Thinning a tree improves its stability by removing long, heavier ends that can break and cause injury or structural damage in storms, or when icing occurs.
  • Commercial Services: Parking lots, maintaining trees and shrubs around buildings and facilities, emergency services and more, contact Dawson to keep your business looking its best!